Lakeland Fleet Management

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a lease?

There are different types but CLVR specialise in just two- both are very like long term car rental. 

With CONTRACT HIRE you pay an initial payment, then monthly rentals for an agreed term whilst you use the car, and finally you ‘hand the car back’. The inital & monthly rentals combined cover the car, delivery & collection, and Road Tax for the full lease term. You also have the option to pay a monthly fee to cover service and maintenance costs. 

OPERATING LEASE is just the same save that only the initial Road Tax is included in the monthly rental.

2. Why Lease at All?

  1. It can save you £000’s- we source thousands of cars so have the buying power and knowledge to get the biggest vehicle discounts and the cheapest lease rates- which we can then pass-on to you. 
  2. It is quicker, simpler & easier– no searching for and haggling to get the best discount on your new car, no trying to ‘work-out’ complicated finance deals, no worry about what is a good part-exchange price on the vehicle when its time to sell. 
  3. It is tax efficient!- we are not accountants and we don’t give detailed tax advice. But the fact is many companies cut their VAT & Corporation Tax bill through leasing their cars- ask your accountant to explain the detail.

3. Why deal with CLVR?

  1. We are long established, professionally qualified & authorised by the FCA - so we should know what we are doing. 
  2. We are independent – and free to get you the best deal, not tied-in to any particular brands, dealers or lease companies. 
  3. Because we strictly enforce a VALUE FOR MONEY THRESHOLD: CLVR hunt -down all the best deals and then choose JUST THE TOP MONEY-SAVING 10%: - so you can be sure every one of our Special Offers really are Special. Do you know any other broker who is that committed to VFM?

4. Business v Personal Lease- which to choose?

For a limited company (Ltd & Plc), Partnership, LLP, or sole trader check-out our Business Offers. 

If you are an employee, self employed, retired, or opting-out of a company car scheme then our Personal Deals are where you will find the best savings.

5. Do CLVR’s vehicles differ from Franchised Dealer Cars?

No- our cars are sourced from franchised dealers and are UK specification with full UK Manufacturer warranty.

6. What is the minimum / maximum length of contract?

18-60 months, although occasionally we source and advertise shorter term offers.

7. What if I want to hand the vehicle back early?

One of the few genuine disadvantages of a lease - YES you can had the car back early, BUT there will normally be a penalty charge.

8. How many miles per annum I am allowed to do in my new car?

We will quote for an annual mileage from 5,000 to 40,000.

9. What if I exceed the agreed mileage on the contract?

An excess mileage charge of ‘X’ pence per mile is written into every contract and this will be charged if applicable at the end of the contract.

10. Why not just go to one of the major dealer groups?

Why not indeed! – in fact we encourage it. Check out their cars, compare their prices then go with whoever gives you the best deal- 9 times out of 10 you’ll find that will be us.

11. Can I use my local dealership to supply the vehicle?

Not unless they can supply on the same heavily discounted terms as our selected panel of dealers- its possible but in practice rarely happens.

12. Can servicing, replacement tyres and maintenance be included as part of my lease agreement?

In most cases Yes – we can quote you for the additional monthly fee payable to cover routine servicing, replacement tyres and fair wear and tear maintenance costs.

13. Where would I get the vehicle serviced?

At your local franchised dealer or independent garage accredited to service up to manufacturer standards.

14. Is car insurance included in the lease?

No- you need to arrange comprehensive insurance for the vehicle- most of our customers just use one of the on-line price comparison sites to get the best deal.

15. Who do I pay and when?

We set–up the lease for you BUT all you pay us is a small Admin. Fee (in your quote) just before delivery- the Initial and monthly rentals are almost always paid straight to the lease co. by direct debit (initial rental on delivery and remaining rentals monthly thereafter).

16. What happens if I receive a traffic offence or parking ticket?

You still have to pay these!. Please refer to your lease agreement terms & conditions for specific details.

17. What happens if my vehicle gets damaged?

We expect normal wear and tear such as a few stone chips. However significant impact damage will have to be repaired or you will need to pay an end of contract charge. Our funders adhere to the BVRLA ‘fair practice’ guidelines in respect of end of contract damage charges.

18. Can I keep the car at the end of the contract?

You have options to request a purchase price for the vehicle or can sometimes extend the contract for a further period;- in practice though most people just hand the car back and pick-up a brand new shinny replacement car!.